Portrait of a Barrio: Ruzafa

Monday, 29 October 2012 08:32


I had a sweet magazine assignment last month to wander around the Ruzafa area of Valencia and make photos of the general vibe. Ruzafa is the latest hip area of the city but there are still lots of old timer people and things around. All the people I came across were super nice and unpretentious and doing really cool things. Some of the most original shops I've seen in Spain can be found here. Go, Ruzafa!

1. Outside Iglesia San Valero. 2. Views from Marta & Abel's place, La Casita de Papel, Cañas. 3. La Casita de Papel 4. Madame MM Second Hand C/Sevilla 29 5. Ubik Café 6. Pisos, Decor at joan santamaria perruquer, fresh produce. 7. Old timer 8. Home Sweet Hole, vintage glasses at La Casita de Papel, Gnomo 8. Bikes at BiciTaller Ruzafa, Coffee at Ubik Café, faces at Madame MM Second Hand, peace scooter, 9. Bikes, Uqu Workshop , camera shop 10. La Casita de Papel 11. Furniture design at Color Elefante, La Casita de Papel, Miguel at Kauf Vintage. 12. Mercat 13. Window display at joan santamaria perruquer, perrito, cocktails.