Life with Kalaii

Wednesday, 11 April 2012 11:29

Four months ago we welcomed this little adorable little baby to the world. The ultimate muse. I don't know how to express the pure joy and love he has brought us.

He had this dark hair and skin like his dad. So tiny. Now he has a beautiful bald head, and just keeps getting bigger and funnier. Vicent and I took him to the beach with Birdie a couple of weeks ago.




Denia, Spain.


Grumpy. Funny. This baby is half Spanish -- he's got feelings and knows how to show 'em.

Funny weird boat in the sand.

The amount of time we spend snuggling with baby is out of this world.

The weather is turning and spring is here. My sister-in-law and I took Kalaii and my nephew Eugeni to the sea for the first time this year. Soon enough we'll be lounging at the beach and swimming.

Eugeni and his mama. Kalaii and his papa.

Papa and baby are so cute together. Vicent and Kalaii have a well documented relationship so far.

Easter holidays in the country.


bath time

One last snippet from our daily lives. Kalaii's first kiss with Julia - a huge disaster.